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Organic Yellow Corn Masa

Organic Yellow Corn Masa

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Make golden-yellow corn Tamales, Tortillas, and More!

Certified organically grown and processed.

  • No additives
  • Non-GMO

Masa de maiz is Spanish for corn dough, made from masa harina. It is more flavorful and nutritious than corn flour because it has been nixtamalized, or pre-cooked in lime water. This process also allows it to form pliable dough for making tortillas, tamales, etc.

The process of making masa is labor intensive: First, the dried corn is cooked in an alkaline solution. After cooking, the corn is steeped in the cooking liquid. During cooking and soaking, a number of chemical changes take place. The kernels hydrate and absorb calcium or potassium from the cooking liquid. Starches swell and gelatinize. Certain nutrients in the germ are released that allow the cooked corn to be ground more easily, making the dough less likely to tear and break. Cooking changes the corn's protein matrix, which makes proteins and other nutrients like niacin more readily assimilated. The prepared corn, called nixtamal, is then dried and ground into masa harina (corn flour).

Storage shelf life is six months, as long as product has been kept cool and dry. Recommended storage temperature is less than 80 degrees.


Try using yellow corn masa to make tortilla and tamales. 



ground organic yellow corn masa flour, trace of lime

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